The 19 Tooth Foundation

Spin Smarter, NOT Harder!


Our Mission

The 19 Tooth Foundation uses default website templates to bring shorter gear ratios to the fixed gear riders of San Francisco. Our mission is to help others to enjoy their urban fixed gears by spinning smarter, not harder


47:19 is objectively the best ratio for the San Francisco area. One could vary the chainring a bit.


Did you know: Many riders are faster with a shorter ratio!**


With 19 or 38 skid patches, you can take off those Thick Slicks and shred like you've got tire money!


Many become so dedicated to the 19t cause that nothing else will do!


People ride street with track ratios then say "I liked fixed gear but my knees couldn't take it" - but did they ever try a 19t? No.*

Don't Call Us; We'll Call You!

We don't want to spend a lot of money on this tbqh. We've already done so much for the world.


"I made it up that hill I walked last week!"

"My skin is radiant and my wife loves me again"

"I used to run 48x15 but now with 38x19 I can enjoy healthy organs and renewed respect from my peers"


Again, don't call us. Ask a friend who's good at bikes!